Prayer @ 7:00am July 1st


Monday, July 1st at 7:00am

In 1784, John Sutcliff attached a notice to the Circular Letter to the churches of the Northamptonshire Baptist Association calling them to prayer on the first Monday of every month that God would grant revival to their communities and that God would “spread the gospel to the most distant parts of the habitable globe”.  In response to their years of faithful prayer, God used a man named William Carey whose efforts in India as a missionary began the modern missions movement.

It is our desire as a church to follow in the footsteps of men like John Ryland, Jr. (pastor of, all things, College Street Baptist Church in Northampton, England), Andrew Fuller, and John Sutcliff who prayed faithfully for God’s Kingdom to expand.  All Christians within driving distance of Newberry are welcome to join us.

John Sutcliff has put it so well: “Surely we have love enough for Zion to set apart one hour at a time, twelve times in a year, to seek her welfare.”

See you on Monday morning!

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