gatherings and services

Sunday School 10:00AM

We are all about making disciples and passing down the faith. Our adult discipleship classes are topic based and run on a semester schedule. For adults, classes like Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Christ and Pop Culture, Prayer, and Life Together will help you put faith into practice.

Our children’s discipleship classes are using The Gospel Project. Week after week, our kids are learning the plan of salvation history from Adam to Jesus. Get your kids plugged in with our volunteer teachers as they lead them through the story of how God saved the world through Jesus Christ.

Sunday Worship 11:00AM

Once a week, our church gathers to worship. You can expect a mix of hymns and songs–both old and new. Our time together is humble and honest. We relive the Gospel together each week: gathering, confessing sin, giving thanks for the Cross, hearing the commands of Jesus from His Word, and departing to spread His glory. It’s a family affair, and we have new visitors every week. Won’t you join us?

Small Groups

Our small groups are meant to encourage building relationships. In the early church, we see a nature rhythm of being together at the Temple…but also gathering in their homes.┬áSmall groups are our way of building neighborhood communities in Newberry centered around the Gospel. Come sit down with our families, have some coffee, and ask questions as we seek to grow together.

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