Spiritual Disciplines

What if there were practical steps you could take toward Christian maturity? What if there were specific ways to workout your faith? Would you have the discipline to actually do them?

Welcome to the spiritual disciplines: bible reading, prayer, fasting, scripture memory, evangelism, and more.

This bible study is a distillation of Dr. Donald Whitney’s Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian LifeThe lessons are meant to provide an outline for teaching through the book. Teachers ought to read the corresponding chapter or chapters in Dr. Whitney’s book as preparation to teach each lesson.

Whole Study (download)

Spiritual Disciplines Bible Study (pdf)

Individual Lessons:

Week 1–Syllabus

Week 2–Bible Intake–Devotional Reading

Week 3–Bible Intake–Mechanics

Week 4–Bible Intake–Making Progress

Week 5–Family Worship –Part 1

Week 6–Family Worship –Part 2

Week 7–Prayer–(Part 1)

Week 8–Prayer–(Part 2)

Week 9–Evangelism

Week 10–Fasting

Week 11–Worship

Week 12–Stewardship

Week 13–Scripture Memorization (Part 1)

Week 14–Scripture Memorization (Part 2)