Richie Warren

Richie is our current Chairman of the Deacons.  After retiring from his work as an engineer, his son coaxed him into going into the furniture restoration business.  He and his son David own Warren Restorations, and occasionally they do some good work!  Richie and his wife Toni have been married since forever and are both faithful servants of our church.

Richie has lived in Newberry his whole life, and he is a great resource if you ever want to go to a Newberry College football game or if you are curious about the happenings in downtown on any given summer weekend.  Richie always says, “I may be old, but I have young thoughts!”  And that’s for sure; we are still waiting for him to grow up already!  Richie has such a heart for College Street, and he is always wanting to lend a hand.  Our church is so blessed to have a deacon who is always ready to put his hands to the plow.  No task is too great, no problem too much–Richie is always ready for the next challenge!  Praise the Lord for a Spirit-filled man of God!

Joey Bodie

Joey was ordained a deacon in October 2013.  He and his wife Cadie are proud parents to Evelyn and Jameson. Joey faithfully serves as a full-time chaplain for Hospice Care and holds an M.Div. in Christian Ministries from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Joey and Cadie continue to be involved at Boys’ Farm where Cadie oversees the tutoring program and they fill in as relief house parents.

Anything outdoors is up Joey’s alley.  If Joey responds to your Craigslist ad regarding the sale of any live animal, don’t expect him to keep it as a pet.  Chances are that whatever animal you sell him will end up on the dinner table.  Joey has been known to keep quite a menagerie of animals in his backyard, including dogs, ducks, turkeys, and chickens.  Joey’s heart for worship and his depth of love for God is evident every time you see him enter the church doors.  He loves D. A. Carson, and his knowledge of Scripture is vast and growing!