Evangelism Bible Study

Many of our churches have become overloaded with dozens of well-meaning evangelism programs. Is there a better way? What does it mean to cultivate a culture of evangelism? And how can we equip and empower our church members to share the gospel and to support their efforts through a gospel-centered, evangelistic church life?

In the 9Marks Building Healthy Churches Series, J. Mac Stiles answers all of these questions in the fantastic little resource Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of JesusThese lessons are meant to be taught in conjunction with his book. Teachers will need to read the pages from the book in preparation to teach each lesson.

Whole Study (download):

Evangelism–How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus Bible Study (pdf)

Individual Lessons:

Week 1 — Introduction

Week 2 — What Is Evangelism_

Week 3 — Four Parts of True Evangelism

Week 4 — The Problem of Programs

Week 5 — Ten Aspects of a Culture of Evangelism (1-5)

Week 6 — Ten Aspects of a Culture of Evangelism (6-10)

Week 7 — What Is the Church_

Week 8 — What Does a Healthy Church Look Like_

Week 9 — Becoming Intentional Evangelists (Part 1)

Week 10 — Becoming Intentional Evangelists (Part 2)

Week 11 — Actually Evangelizing (Part 1)

Week 12 — Actually Evangelizing (Part 2)

Week 13 — What Is the Gospel_